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January 19, 2013


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A tiny update to my commission rules/images balance.


Free Use

Commercial Use


Free Use

1.Credit and notification

You are required to credit me if you have used my stock.
I like to see the work produced and just posting a link back to my stock/page
does not notify me OR come up in searched on DA for my user name, use the following :

:devNull-Entity :  Null-Entity
:iconNull-Entity : :iconnull-entity:


In addition you can notify me or link to the exact stock used but it is not required.

If you are posting your work on other sites (FB/Tumblr) etc then I still require a link to the piece and credit on the piece/in it's description.




You are welcome to use my stock in any medium it helps in, be it drawing/painting/reference/3D etc,
However slight edits/colour overlays cropping etc do NOT count as a manipulation..the original image has to be altered
enough to call a new piece of art.


3.What is stock and what is not?
I do other work than stock... but ONLY the work in the "STOCK" folder and all the sub folders in that directory may be used as stock unless otherwise stated or agreed with me first.


4.Inappropriate uses

Do not use my stock to create images of hate/fetish/religious (I mean preaching) or pornographic content.
If you feel you might have a use that is borderline then ASK...
I'm not easily upset but I have a line.

For example I posed as Angus Bumby, the character is a child molester/rapist in the game,
so using that stock with the underlying character motivations could be borderline depending on
what you make... When in doubt ASK.



My stock is to be found ONLY on my DA account, and is NOT under any condition to be redistributed or posted elsewhere.
If you want to share my stock then link back to the images or my account.

Your worked based on my stock can be posted else where with the correct credit (See section 1) but NOT my stock.


6.The Right To Remove My Stock From Your Work

If ALL my very simple rules are not meet I reserve the right to have you remove my stock from your work/remove the work completely.

I hope I never have to but I will defend my work and rules.


Commercial Use

In addition to all of the above rules the following applies to commercial use.

Commercial use counts as any work for gain be it paid/points or contests with sizable prizes.

The bottom line is if you are looking to make money using my stock, then we NEED to talk first.

Individual Commercial Use.
For smaller or one piece commercial/commission uses I charge a small fee of a few £.

Blanket Fee.
For more continued use of my stock I have a blanket fee of £20.
This covers the use of my stock past/present and future in any commercial/commission work (With restrictions, See Below).

The above is intended for people creating art for individuals or clients where the end result is sold to them as is (Posters/Fan Art/Custom Characters etc).
I.E. The client is not going to sell on the existing piece again for gain or use.

Restictions (Regarding work for a Client/3rd Party to re-sell).
Restrictions apply to the intended resale of work created from my stock (I.E Album art/Book Covers).
First and foremost. NO EROTIA or Rape Themes...

If The Work Is Digital/E-Book/Digital download album etc.. Commercial use IS ALLOWED under the Blanket/Individual Fee.
I require notification of the title/release.

If the work is to be in physical print this is NOT ALLOWED without talking to me first.
I need to be consulted mostly for to agree on the subject matter and usage, at most a small additional fee if it's a large volume/use.
I require notification of the title/release.

Fees from commercial are put back into helping fund more equipment, props/clothing etc.



I am now takeing commissions for pose stock (or basic every day clothing).

To clarify what "Exclusive" means in the below, any images not exclusive will at some point go up on DA
after the requester has had adequate time to use them.

1-9 Images (A Pack) £4
1-9 Images Exclusive (A Pack) (I.E. They will not go up on DA they will be for you only). £5

10+ Images (Several Packs) £6.
10+ Images (Several Packs) Exclusive £8.

The above requests are automatically cleared for for commercial/Commission use by the person who commissioned me,
But still have to follow my rules and restrictions.

With those simple rules in mind. :D Go nuts!!
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Alerei Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! Ehm.... Sory, my english isn't really good, so I haven't understood perfectly your journal :'D
Just to make sure, what if I use some of your stock as reference for a comission? Just the pose, of course. Do I still have to pay a fee? That's the only part I didn't had really clear, sorry :'D
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's fine I don't know any Spanish so you are already winning :).

As you would still be using my stock and I post the majority of my stock as pose reference I do still consider it a use.
So yes if you were planning to use it for paid/commission work I would as a very small fee for using the stock.
Alerei Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! Haha :'D

I see, then may I note you please? ^v^
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Please do :)
ArkhamFrost Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Im trying to make a tribute for robin williams.....
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Pardon ?
ADamselinDesign Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Kyle, I had a quick couple of questions regarding the £20 commercial use "blanket fee" (which is approximately $35USD at the time I'm writing this for anyone who needs the conversion). The £20 is a "pay once for any commercial use of your stock from the date payment is received" deal, am I reading that correctly? Also, does this "£20 commercial use blanket fee" include book covers? If not, do you have a fee for that or are you not going to allow book covers? I can see your patient, axe man, and chainsaw man making for great horror/thriller book covers and I would love to make some premade covers available for self-published authors if you allow that. I'm more than happy to pay the fee too if that covers it. 
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And damn you raise a good few questions I have not thought about :P.

Mostly the use of my stock in a work that is then sold on again/edited and applied to another work.

I was only thinking of items that go off as a finished item (Prints/Posters/Commissions for pieces).

The question in my mind is actually one of control and my stock rules, I have been asked regarding book covers before and ask for an overview of the story/character I may be representing.....
And again notification/my being informed of the book covers use...Hmmm..

Damned difficult to balance..

I think the updates I just put in are the best middle ground I can think of.
ADamselinDesign Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Oops, sorry to put you through this Kyle! :tighthug: Better you get this sort of situation sorted out now though and not when an artist is on a very tight deadline and you had not considered it yet!

So far I only intend to design covers for eBooks. If a print book cover opportunity comes my way then I will consider it and then choose whomever's stock fits the story synopsis best, contact the provider (unless I already have worked out cover deals beforehand) and go from there.

I will never take on any covers that are of a questionable nature such as child, or animal abuse (unless it is anti-abuse), fetish/sexual/erotica regardless if it is of a heterosexual or homosexual nature, and especially not rape having been a victim survivor of that myself.

A simple romance novel should not be an issue with most people, however, but the only stock of yours (so far, at least) that would fit that genre is your collaborative stock with Claire and I would definitely ask her about that prior to using those images as covers. (I'm referring to your "costumed stock," not pose references as I know you collaborated with EntombedSix as well.)

What I would like to do is create some book covers with no particular story in mind, but covers that would fit in with the suspense/horror/thriller genres. I would post them with full credits to my deviantART gallery here, my website (once I finish the damn thing), Facebook, and Shadowness, credit and notify you, and then promote them to self-published authors whose works are along the lines of Dean Koontz, Stephen King, John Grisham, James Patterson, etc... Once one of the covers sells and I customize the title/author name I would then let you know the book info and once it is on bookshelves (virtual bookshelves that it ;)) I would give you the URL where you can find and/or buy a copy if you choose.

As a stock provider myself, DamselStock, and as someone with a law degree I always put the stock providers first as I know what it is like first hand. So, if I've read your updates correctly you are okay with eBook covers with the fee being paid and you are notified, etc...? If so, I will definitely send you £20, no problem at all there, though it might be next month as I just had to buy a new microphone for my computer so that I can start making some tutorials. I will not make any covers until I have paid you.

So, please let me know if that sounds okay and if I am interpreting your updates correctly.
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha it's almost a shame my reply is so short compared to what you just wrote.
But yes now without a time scale is a big help :).

You nailed it, on the themes and use,  that's a very admirable and dedicated stance on the crediting and notification.
All of that sounds spot on and I am more than happy with that arrangement.
Yes to the E-books as long as they avoid the mentioned themes, all under the blanket fee.

I'm not going anywhere so no worry about as and when as you almost single-handedly poked the holes in my wording :P.

Sadly as I have grown up I have dated and come to understand there are more "survivors" out there than I ever thought possible.
Good luck with the tutorials :D.
Talk to you soon.
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