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Submitted on
January 19, 2013


73 (who?)
Tiny clean up to some wording,Restrictions updated.


Free Use

Commercial Use


Free Use

1.Credit and notification

You are required to credit me if you have used my stock.
I like to see the work produced,

:devNull-Entity :  Null-Entity
:iconNull-Entity : :iconnull-entity:


In addition you can notify me or link to the exact stock used but it is not required.

If you are posting your work on other sites (FB/Tumblr) etc then I still require a link to the piece and credit on the piece/in it's description.




You are welcome to use my stock in any medium it helps in, be it drawing/painting/reference/3D etc,
However slight edits/colour overlays cropping etc do NOT count as a manipulation..the original image has to be altered
enough to call a new piece of art.


3.What is stock and what is not?
I do other work than stock... but ONLY the work in the "STOCK" folder and all the sub folders in that directory may be used as stock unless otherwise stated or agreed with me first.


4.Inappropriate uses/Restrictions.

Do not use my stock to create the following images:
Religious (I mean preaching),
Bases/Doll Bodies.
If you feel you might have an idea that is borderline then ASK...

For example I posed as Angus Bumby, the character is a child molester/rapist in the game,
so using that stock with the underlying character motivations could be borderline depending on
what you make... When in doubt ASK.



My stock is to be found ONLY on my DA account, and is NOT under any condition to be redistributed or posted elsewhere.
If you want to share my stock then link back to the images or my account.

Your worked based on my stock can be posted else where with the correct credit (See section 1) but NOT my stock.


6.The Right To Remove My Stock From Your Work

If ALL my very simple rules are not meet I reserve the right to have you remove my stock from your work/remove the work completely.

I hope I never have to but I will defend my work and rules.


Commercial Use

In addition to all of the above rules the following applies to commercial use.

Commercial use counts as any work for gain be it paid/points or contests with sizable prizes.

The bottom line is if you are looking to make money using my stock, then we NEED to talk first.

Individual Commercial Use.
For smaller or one piece commercial/commission uses I charge a small fee of a few £.

Blanket Fee.
For more continued use of my stock I have a blanket fee of £20.
This covers the use of my stock past/present and future in any commercial/commission work (With restrictions, See Below).

The above is intended for people creating art for individuals or clients where the end result is sold to them as is (Posters/Fan Art/Custom Characters etc).
I.E. The client is not going to sell on the existing piece again for gain or use.

Restictions (Regarding work for a Client/3rd Party to re-sell).
Restrictions apply to the intended resale of work created from my stock (I.E Album art/Book Covers).
First and foremost. NO EROTICA or Rape Themes...

If The Work Is Digital/E-Book/Digital download album etc.. Commercial use IS ALLOWED under the Blanket/Individual Fee.
I require notification of the title/release.

If the work is to be in physical print this is NOT ALLOWED without talking to me first.
I need to be consulted mostly for to agree on the subject matter and usage, at most a small additional fee if it's a large volume/use.
I require notification of the title/release.

Fees from commercial are put back into helping fund more equipment, props/clothing etc.



I am now taking commissions for pose stock (or basic every day clothing/Props please ask first as I have a small but growing collection).

To clarify what "Exclusive" means in the below, any images not exclusive will at some point go up on DA
after the requester has had adequate time to use them.

1-9 Images (A Pack) £4
1-9 Images Exclusive (A Pack) (I.E. They will not go up on DA they will be for you only). £5

10+ Images (Several Packs) £6.
10+ Images (Several Packs) Exclusive £8.

The above requests are automatically cleared for for commercial/Commission use by the person who commissioned me,
But still have to follow my rules and restrictions.

With those simple rules in mind. :D Go nuts!!
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  • Playing: Spec Ops - The Line
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  • Drinking: Milk and loads of it.
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RekkaShinen Featured By Owner Edited Nov 16, 2014
Hi! I'm gonna use your stock image that is a collaboration, but I'll only use your figure. Am I still to notify the other stock artist?
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If you are only using my figure then you do not need to notify her (You would only need to do that if she owned/posted the image).
LeonFoxwings Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Have you considered sites such as Gettyimage and such? I mean you're fantastic, and you'd probably make many designers and art directors day :)

So by the way I have a little question. What about a single art work that may get sold as is (paintings, hand made collages, stencil etc) under what category do you put it? :)
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Kind words Thankyou but no I have not considered putting my stock anywhere other than DA.
Mostly because it would complicate any control of my work/images and for commercial work balancing any fee's across all sites.
Secondly I stock as more of a hobby (and the intention is there for it to be semi drive by cosplay as well) so I don't look at it as
a means for any income, I hope at best it will become self sustaining with stock payments/fees paying for props etc.

As for your question : Painting/Collage etc is a single use stock fee (Typically £3-4).
I am a little unsure what you mean by stencil.
unicorngirl1 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question about using your stock for pixel bases/art - can I trace that actual image (pose) as lineart for my pixel work? I'm guessing since photomanip is okay that's okay too, and I will not be be making money from it, but wanted to check first. Thanks!
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Good question an a bit of a fuzzy area depending on what you mean by bases and pixel art?
unicorngirl1 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure! You can see examples in my gallery under "dolls" and "bases" - also generally "dolling" is a form of pixel art where an artist will make a bald/naked template that can then be customized by anyone (with clothes, hair, etc.). Mine are always free and open to anyone to edit, and cannot be sold in any form, so no money would be made off this. So when an artist uses a stock image to make a base (with the stock artist's permission obv) they trace the outline of the pose and use it for their base or pixel art. So in my case, I would like to trace the basic pose with one color pixel lines, convert the image so that it's blank lineart, and do whatever shading and detailing on that lineart myself. Let me know if that's okay, or if you have other questions - I can show you an example on another artist's stock that I'm working on right now if you'd like. Thx!
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou for the in depth reply, I had not realised bases and dolls were so much of a thing :P.
After thinking about this all night I have to say I am not 100% with the idea of my stock as bases.
It's nothing personal and actually the first time anyone has asked to make a base from my stock.
unicorngirl1 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, I totally understand. If you need help putting that in your use policy or something, let me know; I don't know of a similar stock policy off the top of my head you can copy from, but depending on what you want to do, you could just add to your policy something like "do not trace" etc. Thanks for the consideration! I do appreciate it. :)
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