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Stock Rules

General cleanup/reworded a few things. 07/05/2017


Free Use

1.Credit and notification

If you use my stock you MUST Credit me, If you use the following it will appear in my messages.

:devNull-Entity : Null-Entity
:iconNull-Entity : :iconnull-entity:

Don't know how to do is how.

If you are posting your work on other sites (FB/Tumblr) etc then you MUST Link/Notify me, And credit on the piece/in it's description.




You are welcome to use my stock in almost any medium it helps in, be it drawing/painting/3D etc,
However slight edits/colour overlays cropping etc do NOT count as a manipulation..the original image has to be altered
enough to call a new piece.


3.What is stock and what is not?

I do other work than stock... ONLY the work in the "STOCK" folders and all the sub folders in that directory may be used as stock, do NOT use my other work as stock.


4.Inappropriate uses/Restrictions.

Do not use my stock to create the following images:
Religious (I mean preaching),
Bases/Doll Bodies/References Sheets for others to use.
If you feel you might have an idea that is borderline then ASK...I am a very relaxed guy I just have to protect the use of my image/face.


5.Restricted Stock.

Restrictied stock is that in the "Restricted Stock" folder, anything in this folder is stock taken at exhibitions or events/places wherethe copyright owner/organisers have strict rules on the use of the prographs taken.

Nothing in this folder can be used for commercial work by you Or ME, and some images may have special or even further restrictions so READ the rules
for EACH IMAGE first.



My stock is ONLY on my DA account, and is NOT under any condition to be redistributed or posted elsewhere unless by me.
If you want to share my stock then link back to the images or my account.


7.The Right To Remove My Stock From Your Work

If ALL my rules are not followed I reserve the right to have you remove my stock from your work/remove the work completely.



I take commissions for pose stock (Or basic every day clothing/Props please ask first).

To clarify what "Exclusive" means in the below, any images not exclusive will at some point go up on DA
after the requester has had adequate time to use them.

1-9 Images (A Pack) £5
1-9 Images Exclusive (A Pack) (I.E. They will not go up on DA they will be for you only). £8

Exclusive packs are automatically cleared for commercial/Commission use by the person who commissioned me,
But still have to follow my rules and restrictions.


Commercial/Print/Commission Use

Commercial use counts as any work for gain be it paid/points or contests with sizable prizes.

The bottom line is if you are looking to make money using my stock, then we NEED to talk first.
All fees from commercial are put back into helping fund more equipment, props/clothing etc.

Individual Commercial Use.
For smaller or one piece commercial/commission uses I charge a small fee of a few £.


Blanket Fee.
The alternative for heavier use of my stock is the blanket fee of £20. (Currently works out at less than 1.5 pence per image).
This covers the use of my stock past/present and future in any commercial/commission work (With restrictions, See Below).

The above is intended for people creating art for individuals or clients where the end result is sold to them as is:
Fan Art.
Custom Characters etc.
If The Work Is Digital/E-Book/Digital download album etc.. Commercial use IS ALLOWED under the Blanket/Individual Fee, I just ask for notification first.

Restrictions (Regarding work for a Client/3rd Party to re-sell).

Restrictions apply to the intended resale of work created from my stock (I.E Album art/Book Covers).

If the work created to be used in physical print/hard copy or on/in something the 3rd party intends to sell on I need to be consulted
mostly for to agree on the subject matter, crediting and usage, at most a small additional fee if it's a large volume/use.

This applies to things like
Book Covers
Album Art
Artwork For Campaigns/Organisations
Designs For Merchandise
T-Shirt Designs

When In Doubt.. Ask

:D Go nuts!!


Thankyou :)
Tue Nov 1, 2016, 3:21 PM
Happy early birthday !
Sun Oct 30, 2016, 3:08 AM
OHHH!Portal! That's a complete different comic, lol xD
Tue Apr 26, 2016, 11:33 PM
The Ratman project it's a bit of a pipe dream but I want to animate the entire of the Valve Ratman comic in the style of my animated wallpapers.. like an animated graphic novel :)
Tue Apr 26, 2016, 3:39 PM
May I ask you what the Ratman project is? I'm curious cause there's a comic book called Ratman here in Italy but I doubt you're talking abouit that xD
Tue Apr 26, 2016, 12:15 PM
You are most welcome, I look forward to seeing what you come up with :)
Wed Mar 23, 2016, 11:59 PM
Thank you for all the photos. They help inspire a lot of ideas.
Tue Mar 22, 2016, 6:01 PM
You don't even know my nightly rates yet!! ;)
Tue Jan 19, 2016, 2:42 PM
Your rates are HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!!!!
Tue Jan 19, 2016, 10:21 AM
Mon Dec 14, 2015, 11:44 PM


Protected object. by Heavy-shtopor Protected object. :iconheavy-shtopor:Heavy-shtopor 197 16 2001: A Space Odyssey redux by jubjubjedi 2001: A Space Odyssey redux :iconjubjubjedi:jubjubjedi 2,597 262

Stock Suggestion List

My "To Do List"

Icarus/Bird Man
Angel Wings - HUGE
Giger Body Paint
Swish Fabric
Zodiac Post Apoc
Neo/Real World with plugs.
Lucifer - Constantine

Suggestion List

Fighting poses (unarmed), Charging/kicking one another.
Cheesy horror movie poses (20's - 40's style)
Gun Kata,
Horse/Saddle Stock..Ms-Elaney
Shadow Stock with Lighting above, Suggested by oukamiyoukai45
Walking stick/cane gent, bowler hat/fedora LKJSlain
Action Based Jumping - jumping, sliding, tumbling, etc. packstrap
Sports and Baseball Poses suggested by GeryGarrido + LisaCat + inspectordom
Clothed Day-To-Day suggested by KoniPerdomo
Poker mini set suggested by Hellypse
Hand-Tools, Saws/Hammers suggested by redbaron1234
Lighting Reference "So, cooking in the early morning where there's a little, getting the mail in bright light, and watching tv in the dark", Suggested by KannibalKween
Eating/Dining Poses Suggested by Birgitte-Gustavsen
Sibling Poses, Fighting tug-o-war over an object.
Being dragged away (by the ankles), clawing at the floor
Injured, leaning on one another,Supporting the other one with arm over shoulders/hand on sides, one still firing at an enemy. Suggested by Guyvantic
Laying on a sofa together, cuddling. Watching TV.
Guitar + Electric Poses.
Bird/Worms Eye Views (Dynamic worm & bird's eye views, mid-action stuff, twists, kicks+ With Weapons + POV from Feet/Hands with weapons) suggested by AutopsyJuice + MorbidDinosaur
More poses from the back.
Tripping over/rolling.
Wand poses suggested by Gaster-Story
More mid air poses.
Bow poses with quiver on hip/side suggested by RaraCloe
Pistol poses looking behind/checking 6.
Sitting/lying on the floor/ground recovering from a fall suggested by RekkaShinen.
Perspective with two guns by LtJJFalcon
More poses with the winter jacket, Action, sitting, and idle stances, by KevinMassey
Couple holding hands (facing one another) suggested by xBennyRGraux
Surprise/shock facial expression suggested by remydarling
EMT/Resuscitation suggested by Sebathius
Aggressive grappling- i.e., dragging, grabbing around the torso Headlocks, suggested by MusicalNumber
Reading/On the beach poses Duo, suggested by Adasca
Duo beach set/carrying the sea crate suggested by NinaWolverina
Victory Poses, Hero and Villan (Evil Laugh/GrinCackling) by LisaCat
Christmas/Die Hard Gun taped to the back funny shot sugegsted by poisonedlava
Convict cuffed/on the run set, (Cuffed but running/opening doors etc + Request hand above head by InvisibleRainArt
More agressive/wild dual sword poses suggested by BrainEater0
Assassin Like Poses - Daggers and Sneaking Suggested by : taylorbeanbetch
Fist Fight POV Suggested by VikJones
Chained Up/Trying To Escape Suggested by NixHowler
Lab Coat poses Suggested by Andailite47





Silent Assassin
Ok first of all, I did not draw this, it's an official wallpaper for the game I simply animated it.

I decided to finish this reworkd of an old 2012 animation (which I will soon remove) while I am sat here recovering from surgery, helping me not go crazy from boredom :P

Screensavers Download with/without audio in .exe and .scr file types.…

Also now a full lengh video on Yourtube!!

Music track is from the game soundtrack.

All Images and Audio Copyright Edios/IO Interactive.
Both sourced from…
Surgery done,all went smoothly and I am now back home with stuff strapped to my face to stop the bleeding.
So that and a few weeks of RnR and I am all looking good! Hugs all for the messages, I will be online a lot more while I try to avoid cabin fever :P
Currently sat on the ward awaiting my surgery :P, Guess what.. they have me in a medical gown again, just no blood/crazy eyes or messed up hair this time round :D.
Yup took me bloody ages to do another Journal...whoops.

Ok so what with the final images of last years stock up I have some down time from the daily edit/post and have as you would have seen by now reworked a few animations..Wooooo....
Soak Up The Rads by Null-Entity


Ssooo yep as it says, surgery, I will be going in on the 19th of May to have my sinuses drilled/cut/scraped out whatever the hell they want or need to do up there but I have been semi to utterly unable to breath through my nose since September last year.. drugs didn't work, steroids didn't work so they finally decided to go in and cut everything out.. As such the advertised recovery time is two weeks and adding on top of that my immue system condition it WILL be the full two weeks : P (You guys might see a LOT of activity from me on DA or none at all depending on how I feel coming out/and how house bound I am hehe).
As such I wont be shooting any more stock until late June at the earliest but man do I WANT to :D so until then and depending on my recovery I will be working on animations/GW models/Cosplays and things like converting nerf guns as props for stock to fill the gap and make use of the time :D I hope to be productive and not turn into a potato.. not even a science one.

So yeah.. random shit happens but I will be making use of the two weeks off provided I can drag myself from the bed :D.


I have some non model stock to edit which is from museums etc and these I will be looking to edit soon meaning I am officially all out of new stock and I have to shoot some more !! yay.
As such I plan to do TWO full weekends of stock shooting in late June.. why so late you ask... because of the surgery (See above).
I plan to tackle as much on the "Suggestion List" as humanly possible as it is getting freaking huge, though it will be only myself shooting (unless something changes), so they might not be proparific or earth shattering but they WILL BE VARIED I can tell you that now. :)

More so and I know it sounds stupid but in late July the family and I will be going to Italy for two weeks.. so HELL yeah I will be taking my camera, expect 1000's of pictures, and would you know it... I have been looking to shoot under water stock for two+ years trying to find a pool and the most apparent option would be to take all my gear to Italy with me and shoot there so there may even be some underwater stock after that trip, fingers crossed!!!.


I plan to overhaul a few more and then handle something new :D - Like the animation winner or something from my "To Do" list.

General Life Updates.

Meh and MEEEhhhh right now.

Have not had to call them in to fix shit in MONTHS.... ¬¬   something must be about to go horribly wrong....
To counter it though my car went to shit and cost me over £500 in one month making me broke inside of two weeks.. so that was unexpected and had a bit of a hit on props/things I wanted to tinker with for stock, perhaps this/next month will be better :)

Surgery, See above.


General/project Updates.

God Is A Concept
, Long time coming but if I can pin down the rest of the people for this project it may happen some time this year, really hoping :S.

Ratman Animated Comic,.
Is on indefinite hold until I can clear some of the animation list.

FibreGlas Companion Cube.
Sanding.. soo soooo much Sanding!!!!!

I have a pinterest account for some of my photo work and exclusive stock but I will not be uploading the rest.. I want it to remain on DA and only DA.

That's all for now :D (Big Grin).
  • Listening to: First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining
  • Reading: Alien Archive (Making of the movies)
  • Watching: Castle Season 8 half way done.
  • Playing: WOT
  • Eating: Soup and mor soup - Need to loose weight.
  • Drinking: Above ^
Soooo to try and make stock requests/commissions a little easier and present people with a sort of "list" of what props/costumes I can shoot with.
The idea to to build an array of images I will update as things go and things get added to my "Stock Box"

Right now it's mostly weapons and Nerf guns but I will add clothing as I get pictures :)


Props06 by Null-Entity Props05 by Null-Entity Props04 by Null-Entity Props03 by Null-Entity Props02 by Null-Entity Props01 by Null-Entity Bow by Null-Entity
Sword by Null-Entity Kukri by Null-Entity


20160917 162733 by Null-Entity
  • Listening to: Like a virgin (Metal Cover by Leo Moracchioli)
  • Reading: Invader Zim
  • Watching: Castle Season 8
  • Playing: WOT
  • Eating: Just done.
  • Drinking: N/A
So for my most recent contest,
For The Love Of Games (Winners)For The Love Of Games WINNERS!!!!.

Soooo the contest is over, we had some great entries and the varity of games was suberb.
Thank you to all who entered, you made this possible with your entries even if they might not have wone you anything those that did have you to thank as do I.
So without further crap, the winners are.
1st Place.

By yuhime
Such a wonderful/loving look on Adamas face and I always shipped MalSen so :D.
2nd Place.

By Zauberlich
Damned good motion and I love all the breaking glass.
3rd Place.

That jacket and bullet are so cool.
Honourable Mentiones

The following three honourable mentiones caught my eye for one reason or another so I have some smaller prizes to offer to you guys I will
The winner was,
With this very touching Malsen ship :D I ship them so hard : P
Going to have such a great time when I animate this.
Faridah and Adam - DeusEx contest entry by yuhime

And now for some highlights from her vast gallery  :D

Hanzo meditating by yuhime 

Sooo much RED!!
Vincent Valentine by yuhime Wicked Grace - The Fall by yuhime  Castion by yuhime

Oversleep by yuhime  My wolf by yuhime

Thank you for your support for Malsen shipping :P
  • Listening to: Like a virgin (Metal Cover by Leo Moracchioli)
  • Reading: Invader Zim
  • Watching: Castle Season 8
  • Playing: WOT
  • Eating: Just done.
  • Drinking: N/A


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Current Residence: BrookHaven hospital, The Other World, Silent Hill MA
Print preference: Streight to my brain
Favourite genre of music: Rock,Metal
Favourite photographer: They have PHOTOGRAHPS NOW !!!!!
Favourite style of art: Anything that takes my intrest in the moment.
Operating System: Human Brain + Win 7/XP
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Shell of choice: Reality
Wallpaper of choice: Silent Hill/American Mcgee's Alice
Skin of choice: Flesh
Favourite cartoon character: Gir
Personal Quote: Said simple Simon to the pieman going to the fair.. Give me your pies...or I cave your head in.

I am thinking of re shooting my "Angus Bumby" stock and expanding the theme with props etc now I have my propper lights..Full fake beard though (Worth doing)? 

224 deviants said Angus Bumby Stock Pack 07 by Null-Entity Yes
31 deviants said My Mind Is Shattered!!!
28 deviants said Angus Bumby Stock Pack 04 by Null-Entity No
21 deviants said Sell the child to the sex trade ¬¬



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