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Stock Rules

Tiny clean up to some wording,Restrictions updated.


Free Use

Commercial Use


Free Use

1.Credit and notification

You are required to credit me if you have used my stock.
I like to see the work produced,

:devNull-Entity : Null-Entity
:iconNull-Entity : :iconnull-entity:


In addition you can notify me or link to the exact stock used but it is not required.

If you are posting your work on other sites (FB/Tumblr) etc then I still require a link to the piece and credit on the piece/in it's description.




You are welcome to use my stock in any medium it helps in, be it drawing/painting/reference/3D etc,
However slight edits/colour overlays cropping etc do NOT count as a manipulation..the original image has to be altered
enough to call a new piece of art.


3.What is stock and what is not?
I do other work than stock... but ONLY the work in the "STOCK" folder and all the sub folders in that directory may be used as stock unless otherwise stated or agreed with me first.


4.Inappropriate uses/Restrictions.

Do not use my stock to create the following images:
Religious (I mean preaching),
Bases/Doll Bodies.
If you feel you might have an idea that is borderline then ASK...

For example I posed as Angus Bumby, the character is a child molester/rapist in the game,
so using that stock with the underlying character motivations could be borderline depending on
what you make... When in doubt ASK.



My stock is to be found ONLY on my DA account, and is NOT under any condition to be redistributed or posted elsewhere.
If you want to share my stock then link back to the images or my account.

Your worked based on my stock can be posted else where with the correct credit (See section 1) but NOT my stock.


6.The Right To Remove My Stock From Your Work

If ALL my very simple rules are not meet I reserve the right to have you remove my stock from your work/remove the work completely.

I hope I never have to but I will defend my work and rules.


Commercial Use

In addition to all of the above rules the following applies to commercial use.

Commercial use counts as any work for gain be it paid/points or contests with sizable prizes.

The bottom line is if you are looking to make money using my stock, then we NEED to talk first.

Individual Commercial Use.
For smaller or one piece commercial/commission uses I charge a small fee of a few £.

Blanket Fee.
For more continued use of my stock I have a blanket fee of £20.
This covers the use of my stock past/present and future in any commercial/commission work (With restrictions, See Below).

The above is intended for people creating art for individuals or clients where the end result is sold to them as is (Posters/Fan Art/Custom Characters etc).
I.E. The client is not going to sell on the existing piece again for gain or use.

Restictions (Regarding work for a Client/3rd Party to re-sell).
Restrictions apply to the intended resale of work created from my stock (I.E Album art/Book Covers).
First and foremost. NO EROTICA or Rape Themes...

If The Work Is Digital/E-Book/Digital download album etc.. Commercial use IS ALLOWED under the Blanket/Individual Fee.
I require notification of the title/release.

If the work is to be in physical print this is NOT ALLOWED without talking to me first.
I need to be consulted mostly for to agree on the subject matter and usage, at most a small additional fee if it's a large volume/use.
I require notification of the title/release.

Fees from commercial are put back into helping fund more equipment, props/clothing etc.



I am now taking commissions for pose stock (or basic every day clothing/Props please ask first as I have a small but growing collection).

To clarify what "Exclusive" means in the below, any images not exclusive will at some point go up on DA
after the requester has had adequate time to use them.

1-9 Images (A Pack) £4
1-9 Images Exclusive (A Pack) (I.E. They will not go up on DA they will be for you only). £5

10+ Images (Several Packs) £6.
10+ Images (Several Packs) Exclusive £8.

The above requests are automatically cleared for for commercial/Commission use by the person who commissioned me,
But still have to follow my rules and restrictions.

With those simple rules in mind. :D Go nuts!!


No such luck for one I can't wrote code for shit... Though DA has a app/ or one on the way no ?
Fri Dec 5, 2014, 7:26 AM
Do you know what you're lacking? A fucking smartphone app. I'd buy the shit out of it. I'd be so down that I'd be rolling with Adele. I'm tired of downloading all your posts in my phone. Srsly. Hugs from Matinee, a fan.
Wed Dec 3, 2014, 4:32 PM
:P Belated Thankyou
Tue Nov 11, 2014, 1:54 AM
Thu Oct 30, 2014, 1:12 PM
In violent times,
Mon Sep 15, 2014, 4:05 PM
Come On!
Fri Sep 12, 2014, 3:23 PM
I'm talking to you
Tue Sep 9, 2014, 6:51 AM
These are the things I can live without!
Mon Sep 8, 2014, 7:13 PM
Let it all out !
Thu Aug 7, 2014, 3:34 PM
shout shout! :D
Mon Aug 4, 2014, 11:29 AM


Stock Suggestion List

This is in addition to the huge list I already have from what Tasastock and I were shooting ages ago so your idea might already be on the list.

That not withstanding..


Fighting poses (unarmed), Charging/kicking one another.
Foreshortening depth/Extreme Perspective (from front to back across the body).
Cheesy horror movie poses (20's - 40's style)
Gun Kata,
Horse/Saddle Stock..Ms-Elaney
Couple Embrace Couple Entwined Embrace by Null-Entity Style, From other angels MTheLittleMonsta
Shadow Stock with Lighting above, Suggested by oukamiyoukai45
Walking stick/cane gent, bowler hat/fedora LKJSlain
Super Hero Flying towards camera MichaelLenAndrews
Action Based Jumping - jumping, sliding, tumbling, etc. packstrap
Item examination/Discovery poses GlyphBellchime
Sports and Baseball Poses suggested by GeryGarrido + LisaCat
Clothed Day-To-Day suggested by KoniPerdomo
Poker mini set suggested by Bianca-di-Palermo
Hand-Tools, Saws/Hammers suggested by redbaron1234
Lighting Reference "So, cooking in the early morning where there's a little, getting the mail in bright light, and watching tv in the dark", Suggested by KannibalKween
Eating/Dining Poses Suggested by Birgitte-Gustavsen
Sibling Poses, Fighting tug-o-war over an object.
Being dragged away (by the ankles), clawing at the floor
Injured, leaning on one another, one still firing at an enemy.
Laying on a sofa together, cuddling. Watching TV.
Glasses/Gestures Suggested by Ichiya
Guitar + Electric Poses.
Bird/Worms Eye Views (Dynamic worm & bird's eye views, mid-action stuff, twists, kicks) suggested by AutopsyJuice
More poses from the back.
Tripping over/rolling.
Wand poses suggested by Story-Story
More mid air poses.
Bow poses with quiver on hip/side suggested by RaraCloe
Bow poses walking/climbing/stepping on-over things.
Pistol poses looking behind/checking 6.
Sleeping poses.



So my stock is part of the album art of a crowd funded project... how funky is that :D.

So please do give it a look see :D.…

And a little info/background.…
  • Mood: Joy
So my stock is part of the album art of a crowd funded project... how funky is that :D.

So please do give it a look see :D.…

And a little info/background.…
  • Mood: Joy
So my stock is part of the album art of a crowd funded project... how funky is that :D.

So please do give it a look see :D.…

And a little info/background.…
  • Mood: Joy
So my stock is part of the album art of a crowd funded project... how funky is that :D.

So please do give it a look see :D.…

And a little info/background.…
  • Mood: Joy
I may rant slightly in this one. so you are warned.

So not long after EveLivesey posted her rant and recent experience with image theft/crediting issues.

This and ThatHehe you know I'm going to have a rant when you see that title don't you? :giggle: So my friend Leni :iconCD-STOCK: posted this Journal the other day  and I have been waiting a while to share it with you, one because I was mad at the time, not at Leni, but at the fact that she felt she had to post the Journal and also mad at someone whom I had politely asked for credit (via a note - yes yes I know I said I wouldn't do that anymore but I don't like to comment directly on stuff except where I can see the person is an habitual offender). The reply was to say the least truly offensive (even to me ha!), they had used this tree: in their deviation. I was then 'informed' that this was not my photo, it belonged to Google :rofl: So I sent links to this: the tree in situ and this: - which is the wide view of the tree. So ownership proved i

And CD-STOCK has been just as vocal and clear with
Dear Photomanipulators - UPDATEThis message is addressed to all photomanipulators on DeviantArt.
We, Stock Providers
are fed up with everyone who do not respect our rules.

We are sick and tired of photomanipulators
who do not credit us under their artwork nor notify of our stock use.

When we politely ask you for credit please do not be abusive
- it's immature and unpleasant and after all we ARE entitled to ask.

By DA Rules if we ask for credit in return for free use of our work
(stock photo, texture, png/cutout, premade background etc.)
then you must do it or we are entitled to ask for your art to be taken down.
This also applied to Premiums

I to share the weekly awkwardness of most stock providers in having to remind people to credit and follow the rules, of which 99% apologise and promptly do so, even if some may need advice on how the tagging DEV and ICON systems work...
And it's been a very long time I was thinking since I have ever gotten a major head ache reply....

Until a few days go.. I found a commission piece on a users page and followed it back to the artist.. low and behold they had several pictures I was very sure were referenced from my stock and a few more that were questionable.. so I put the usual polite request in a note that if the following or any others had used my stock please credit as per my rules (I was leaving the commission use and my rules regarding that out of it until first contact was established)..I even linked to all stock/uses I found.

The reply was a resounding denial from the user that they had in any way referenced my stock and that they had used their own, which was offered up as proof.
What was sent were in my opinion hilarious attempts to match the poses and somehow back up the denial.

Then came the outright stupid part...
The images provided have meta data.. from the users phone with all the appropriate ISO/focal settings and dates taken... the day they offered to give their references.
From my experience the device will give accurate information even if the images are moved and saves.. even edited in Photoshop in most cases.. as is with some of my recent boots stock having "taken" dates in Jan when they were taken.

Secondly the references were the wrong perspective and lens distortion made them different to the resulting art work..

The thief then started down the usual road that "your poses are to generic to prove anything".. and
"I have provided my reference images and if that is not enough for you then be it"..

At about this point I started to look into overlaying my stock images over the suspect art work to prove my point.. only to find they had been put into storage along with large sections of the users gallery under the pretense that they were moving away from DA, even though I subsequently made my point that I would like to compare stock to art they have not offered any cooperation in this matter...

My subsequent reply detailed that some of the poses an stock in question were very unique and contained several people (some of my work with Tasastock which is much more singular than things like my archery and gun stock (that I admit is a common theme for stock)
I sent an overlaid image with I will not share here as I do not want to post another users work and it was the art work commissioned and posted by another user so I do not want to drag an honest person into this fray....

The scum then replied with things like  "I will credit but I will not admit to the use of your stock". Fucking useless.

The overlay of my stock on their art was a near perfect match.. poses. positions and scale of fingers and toes, intersection of limbs across the body.. perspective and right down to the outlines of one models face....

I have yet to receive a reply.. I very much doubt that I will receive one now as even a fellow artist has viewed the overlay an is as absolute in their opinion as am I that my stock was used....

BUT what makes it worse.. what makes it really really FUCKING god damn hurt is not only is this user denying clear use of my stock and refusing to admit to the use, On top of that they are using my stock for commissions.. something I have a whole set of rules for.. No.. not that.. I can get over that..

What has thrown me into such a Fucked OFF rage..  Is they are a Senior Member.. I hold that in some high regard and perhaps I will be one some day.. but it feels more personal than some fleeting user of DA..
She should know better!!!.

So I feel the need to re state my position..

If you Use My Stock.. you WILL credit me as outlined in my rules.

If you want to use my stock for commercial/financial gain... I do charge a fee or at least need to be asked first.

But most of all.. and more importantly.. ALL my rules apply to ALL my stock images..

In light of thus UTTER bullshit I will be opening a favourites folder for images that have used my stock and need some amendments made, I WANT to name and link to the images in question but there is nothing to be gained with this individual thief as they have no regard for stock providers or their rules.

Rant over.
  • Mood: Homicidal


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Would my stock be improved by trying to get different hand positions the same way I do different expressions (Example:…

135 deviants said Yes
4 deviants said No
4 deviants said Other


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